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Best places for paragliding

The world is big, once you get in the air and look at it from the bird perspective, while paragliding and feeling every gentle or fast breeze. And in such a big world there must be plenty places to enjoy paragliding, of which some must be better than others. That is true and according to that here are a few places you should visit as a paragliding enthusiast.

It is not because we are here, but North Devon is quite good for paragliding, the land is flat and safe, the wind is not warm and not cold, there is no strong shining sun to enable you to see well and the weather is always the same during summer, no rain, half cloudy, half sunny - just perfect for paragliding. But North Devon is not the only place where you can truly enjoy and experience paragliding.

Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique is something to experience, the sea is just wonderful and the sand is mesmerizing. Really, everyone who goes there and does paragliding has only the best words to say about it. But even if you are a professional, take a local professional paraglider with you, because there are a few things you might not know about this region.

Wengen in the Canton of Bern in beautiful Switzerland is one more thing to put on the bucket list. Paragliding is on a whole new level there, just gliding next to the alps, feeling the fresh wind coming from there and looking at all the beauty, just stunning and worth living for.

But in case you would like more a little sea, hot temperatures and an opportunity to jump in beautiful water, then you should consider to go paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye in Turkey. This is an incredible country even if you don't even go paragliding, because of its diversity, sea and old architecture. You will love it, but sure not more than paragliding.