North Devon Hang Gliding & Members

Why you should join our club

If you have ever done a sport or been a part of something that is amazing, than you must know how much more fun it is to do it in a club, with people like you and to be a part of something that unites you all, that represents you and that gives you a chance to have a united voice of more tens or hundreds of people.

It is the same with paragliding, we have here so much opportunities and land where we can enjoy and practice this amazing sport, but it is much more interesting to do it in groups and that way we can help each other out, give advices, talk about paragliding experiences we had and become a team. The North Devon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club has become big now, it is a place where people get together and try their luck and skills with the wind and air. You don't need to be an professional and not even to have ever tried paragliding, you just need to be in good mood and eager to try it out, we will help you with everything else, and you will see that you will soon become a part, not only of our club, but also of our family.

Our members can fly almost everywhere, because there are no air restrictions and the lands are free, people won't mind if you land on their land and they will actually offer you to help. Every year we offer you a full or temporary membership, so that you can have a choice until you see how amazing it is and not want to leave the air and just keep gliding. That is why our club is great and why paragliding is much better with us, although there was not much to be improved.