North Devon Hang Gliding & Extreme sports

If any member has any good flying photo's, please email them to me,
I need photo's of sites, take off and landing areas and parking areas so the sites guide can be updated

Rocky headland, Watch the Sea! Full and Temporary Members can pay by cheque in sterling made out to NDHPC and send to the secretary at: NDHPC, 1 Rockham Bayview, North Morte Road, Mortehoe, Woolacombe, Devon EX34 7EG, UK. A Full Annual membership has the added benefit of giving you Associate Membership of our neighbouring clubs and allows you to fly most of their sites too! After a depressing December it looks promising that we are having a better start to 2012, at least at the coastal sites, so here’s hoping it is a good omen for this year. Now is also the time to be considering your flying goals for the year ahead and whether you want to give some of your time towards running the club and joining the committee

Paragliding in North Devon

It looks like one of the most dangerous sports ever, but it is not, the death rate is pretty low and people first go through a whole training before trying it on open land. But is it worth learning and practicing for months? The answer is yes, people change for better, become much more confident, free and self aware, they learn how to control their body and their mind and be focused because one wrong move can mean much more than a wound.

Everyone can do it, men and women, from 16 to 80 years old and that is amazing about this sport, because not many adrenaline filled sports can offer that. All the equipment fits in one backpack and all you need to do before you take off is to be one with the nature, feel the wind and take in the sun. Only a few sports can give you the freedom in three dimensions, paragliding is one of them and not every sport can give you the opportunity to glide up to 500 kilometers only by the power of wind. That sounds just amazing.

In case you really don't want to do it on your own, but still are tempted to do it, then you can go together with an paragliding professional. These offers can be found everywhere and in North Devon there are a few quite experienced people. You can say goodbye to Live Sex Cams, because who knows, maybe the ride will bring you somewhere totally different, where you never have been and from where you will need days to get back.

Paragliding is a whole new adventure that combines air and land, and even water in some cases. You should feel the wind and try to understand the slopes, because they are also your companion in this adventure and you are put on their mercy, doesn't matter how experienced the professional teacher or partner is.

Always follow the instructions and never try to change anything because there are reasons why they are there and you never know what feature you will need the moment your feet get off the ground and the wind takes you into the unknown. Take part in the general preparing and checking process, that way you will get calmer and realize that everything is ok, but as soon as you do your first round you will see that there is no reason to fear anything and that it is pure fun to do paragliding.

In North Devon and Cornwall Devon there are quite a few places to enjoy paragliding at, so make sure to try it once you get there and in case you never had a reason to go there, now you have it. The wind will be superb, that is what everyone will tell you and what you will experience by yourself. There is even have a Facebook page and a Yahoo Group so you will have plenty of ways to contact our teachers if you want a training session or just to borrow gliders, so you can enjoy the North Devon wind on your own.