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Woolacoombe Site Rules Update

New bottom landing height restriction for the beach area to the north of Mill Rock. If in doubt contact a club memeber

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The day could of had a south coast fight in it if it had not been for the sea breeze coming in making it rather rough for some and shutting down the climbs.
Lets hope for better days

Monday the 16th of June, a great day had by all on Codden with Martin Howe taking the day with Jay and Joe Jordan close behind him landing near Chumleigh side of Eagle Scott Air field. Cloud Base was near 4000feet above take off. Every year visiting fliers who take out Full or Temporary membership, are the only reason we can afford to carry on.

Why people enjoy extreme sports

Paragliding is the kind of sport that will provide you a significant adrenaline rush. Your favorite escort will let you know that your age and physical condition are irrelevant for such activity. If you are the kind of intrepid enthusiast who likes challenges, then this is the adventure that you have been looking for.

Dare to fly and observe the world from an exhilarating perspective

There is no sensation that can be compared with the enjoyment you will feel when you contemplate the landscapes that stretch beneath you while you glide over them. You just let yourself go and forget about everything else. Your sensational escorts from can recommend you some perfect places when you can begin enjoying this unparalleled experience.

These delightful ladies from EROS are very well informed about the features that the most suitable place must have. They will recommend you some sloping and clear sites without trees or obstacles so you can easily take off.

It is important to mention that the slope just needs to be steep enough to allow you gain certain speed so you can begin your adventure. Your intelligent escorts will also recommend you the spots where you can land with safety. Since this is going to be your first experience, you will need a large field with no obstacles in sight so you can descend without trouble.

You could also begin your practices with the assistance of a skilled gliding instructor. He will take care of handling the equipment for the take-offs and the landings, therefore you will feel totally safe and secure at all times.

Another factor that you should consider when it comes to practicing paragliding is the wind. Although the equipment usually withstands very well and there is no danger of falling, your acquainted escort will recommend you to carry a safety parachute in the harness. You will also need a helmet in order to avoid any problem.

Once you are up, handling the equipment should be very simple. If you want to turn one side or the other, you just need to move your body in the direction of your choice.

On the other hand, to accelerate or slow down, you must move your body forward or backward, respectively. All you have to do is delight on the scenery and the fantastic views that birds enjoy. Your clever escorts will recommend you to take an initiation course in a specialized school in order to solve all your doubts before flying alone.

An unparalleled adventure to enjoy at North Devon

North Devon is a marvelous town surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. This location offers you the ideal spots where you can begin to practice paragliding and your spectacular escorts found on know some of them. They could also recommend you reputable places where you can hire a professional instructor and high quality equipment.

The geography and meteorology of North Devon are suitable for the practice of this sport. Both features allow pilots to fly up to 600 kilometers away and stay in flight for several hours.

Your smart escort will recommend you to resort to a flexible hang gliding. You will be able to easily control it by displacing your weight.